17th January 2015

How To Write A Book Review

Writing book review is fun as well as exciting. Though writing a book review is a simple task, some norms and most importantly a standard format has to be followed by the writer. So, how to write a book review? In this portion of the article, we shall simplify the book writing techniques for the benefits of our readers. When you complete reading a book, you may either like the book or dislike it. Writing review is all about sharing your personal feelings on a book with the world. So, in order to become a good book reviewer, you have to be an excellent reader. Before writing reviews, you have to read the books minutely with keen observations.

In the following section of this article, a few tips on writing book reviews will be provided. Thus have a look on the following phase of this write-up:

The Essentials

When it comes to how to write a book review, it is important to know about the book review writing format. You need to write a general introduction at first and then you have to write about the essentials of a book. Every book has some unique or essential information or messages to convey to the readers. Being a reviewer, you job is highlighting those essentials. No matter you like the essential information or not, it is your job to highlight those points in an unbiased manner.

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Writing Synopsis

Writing synopsis is the most important part in how to write a book review. The synopsis has to be precise or concise. Basically, synopsis is writing about the book in brief. It is basically perspective of the reviewer and thus different reviewers write synopsis in different style. Once we finish reading a book, we subconsciously or consciously make a synopsis of the whole book. Thus, writing synopsis is not at all challenging, though you have to be precise with the selection of words and language tone. Your aim should be writing synopsis in a simplified tone so that readers can understand it without facing any hassles.

Writing Your Opinion

The biggest part or the most important part in how to write a book review is writing your own opinion. While sharing your own opinion about a book, you have to be sturdy with your logic. Explain logically why the book is good or the book is bad. Your opinion may encourage or discourage book lovers to read the book. Here are a few points to remember while writing your own opinion on a book:

• Do not make readers confused

• Your opinion should be profound – do not share self-contradicting opinion

• Read the book well before writing opinion in order to make your review truthful or unbiased

This is the simplified style of how to write a book review. You can always add your own innovations though include these parts properly in a book review. But make sure that they are genuine and show justice to the final output crafted.