27th December 2014

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

It appears that not many students are aware about how to write a dissertation introduction. In fact, dissertation introduction is as important as the body of the dissertation. Hence, the students are not supposed to make any exception for writing it perfectly. Well, let us see what the purpose of a dissertation introduction is which will in fact let you realize the importance of writing it flawlessly.

As in the case of any introduction, the purpose of a dissertation introduction is to give the reader a basic understanding about the dissertation. If the introduction is not written well, the reader will get the impression that the dissertation is not written well as well. So, when you write the introduction, keep that in your mind. As it has to provide the reader with the basic understanding about your dissertation, it has to contain the abstract of the dissertation. The reader should be able to know what the topics discussed in the main body of your dissertation are by reading the introduction.

Dissertation is one of the essential requirements for every PhD program. The score you are able to obtain for your dissertation can be decisive in the total score you get. And by writing your dissertation introduction effectively, you can ensure good score for your dissertation. Here are some useful information about how to write a dissertation introduction.

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction


Find out the important questions that you are answering in your dissertation and how to write a dissertation introduction

While writing a dissertation introduction, the most important thing that has to be kept in mind is the questions that you are dealing with in the dissertation. Each question that you attempt to answer in your dissertation has to summarized and included in the dissertation introduction. Also, make sure that you follow a logical structure for the introduction. It should not be an introduction just for the sake of it but an introduction that really introduces the reader to the details of the dissertation.

Write the introduction towards the end

Well, the major mistake that most dissertation writers make is they try to write the introduction at first soon after finalizing their topic. Introduction comes first in the final copy of your dissertation but that does not mean that it has to be written first. After completing the dissertation, you will certainly have an idea how you have written your dissertation and what the questions you have tried to answer in it are. Moreover, you will know the order of each question you have dealt with in the dissertation. With that information, you can write your dissertation introduction more effectively and creatively.

Conclusion for the introduction

Even the introduction should have a well-written conclusion. In the conclusion of your dissertation introduction, mention things like the objective of the dissertation. You can mention aspects like the purpose of the dissertation, the background, the context, the contemporary relevance etc in the introduction.

With a well-written dissertation introduction, you can impress your teacher and it can make him forgive the minor mistakes you make in the dissertation body, if there are any.