8th January 2015

How To Write A Medical Research Proposal

There is no doubt that it is the medical researches that contributed to the major medical revolutions in the history. Medical researches are conducted by both medical experts as well as medical students.

Before conducting a research in the medical field, the researcher has to find out his interested area of research. Medicine is a vast field and certainly, the researcher cannot cover all the topics in his research. He has to zero in on any specific topic and concentrate his entire attention during the research on this specific topic. Moreover, after identifying a topic of interest, the researcher has to send out his medical research proposal to the concerned department under which he plans to conduct his research.

How to write a medical research proposal?

A medical research proposal should indicate your research program and how you are going ahead with it. It should mention how your research would bring about a change to particular problem. This write-up on how to write a medical research proposal would help you prepare your medical research proposal effectively.

How To Write A Medical Research Proposal


Give an overview of the issue

According to some university journals on how to write a medical research proposal, a student has to illustrate how his research brings about change to a particular problem through his research proposal. So, the first point that you have to deal with in your medical research proposal should be about the issue that you are going to deal with. Also, it is good to relate your topic with the recent developments in the medial field. Furthermore, include details such as the relevance of your research and the estimated timeline for its completion.

Describe in what way your research topic concerns the public

According to popular handbooks on how to write a medical research proposal, the researcher has to specify in what way his research topic concerns the public. You are expected to prove that your research benefits the public. The more public oriented a medical research is, the better the chances that it get good score are. For instance, if your medical research topic is autism, you have plenty of scope to connect it to the public interest. As autism is one of the core medical issues and there are several researches and experiments going on about this issue in different parts of the world, you will get enough sources to prove your points. However, make sure that your research stands out from the rest if you are doing it on common cases like autism.

Describe your goals

It is very important to describe the goals of your research in the research proposal. You may have set individual goals as well as group goals. Describe about them in detail. It is by looking at the goals of your medical research that your examiner draws a picture about it and gives you the score.

The above write-up on how to write a medical research proposal looked at the specific requirements for writing medical research proposal. You must follow up the general rules for other areas like the methodology, body, conclusion, bibliography, etc in the research proposal.