17th January 2015

How To Write A Narrative Essay

Essay writing projects are common these days in the intuitions or schools or colleges. Though essay writing skills, students are evaluated often by the teachers. Hence, if you want to secure good grades or a seamless academic career report, you should master the art of writing essays. Now, when it comes to essay writing, we need to learn different styles of essay writing. Basically, essay writing is a vast thing and different writers can enjoy the freedom to approach essay writing in different manners. An essay can be descriptive, where you have to illustrate the essay based on a few points. Essays can be narrative as well, where your tone of writing should be reporting something to the readers. In this piece of writing, we shall mainly focus on how to write a narrative essay.

What Is Narrative Essay?

Before going to how to write a narrative essay, it is important to know the definition of narrative essay. The literal meaning of the term ‘narrative’ is reporting. Thus, a narrative essay is a reporting style essay, where you have to narrate important facts on the gives topic. To understand the narrative style of writing, you must read newspapers reports or regular journals. Carefully note the style of writing and try to adopt that professional style of writing narrative essay. Style of writing is important as proper style of writing always clinches appreciations of the readers.

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Write in Passive Voice – Reporting Style

Narrative essay is like writing reports for the readers and thus passive voice should be deployed while writing this kind of essays. Thus when the question is how to write a narrative essay, the answer should be writing essay in passive tone. However, constant use of passive voice may turn your essay boring to be read. In order to wipe out redundancy, you can also do some experiments with the writing style. Include a few simple sentences in active voice, connect with the readers by interactive questions and inject subtle sense of humor in your writing. However, incorporating sense of humor solely depends on the topic. If you think that the topic does not demand pushing some humors, then avoid trying to be funny.

Embellish Essay with Tables, Graphs, Charts, etc.

When it comes to how to write a narrative essay, you must bear in mind that information is the most important thing in these kinds of essays. Instead of writing your own opinions, try to put unbiased information on the topic for the readers. Incorporate graphs, pie charts, tables, etc. to enhance the credibility of your essay.

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