8th January 2015

How To Write A Paper In APA Format

When you are required to write a term paper, you are supposed to be clear with the requirements laid down by your university. Among these requirements, the format to be used should be given the first priority. By format, what is meant here is the citation style. The person who can provide you with details regarding the citation style is certainly your teacher. According to experts, APA format is the most commonly accepted citation style.

How to write a paper in APA format?

Although APA format is the most commonly used citation style, it can be very confusing for beginners because of its huge requirements. Go to your college library and get any handbook on APA format because it is not practical to learn the APA format requirements by heart all of a sudden. If you don’t get an APA format handbook from the college library, buy one for yourself. It will certainly be useful for you all throughout your academic life. APA format handbooks are available in most of the reputed book stalls.

While learning how to write a paper in APA format, the first thing you would come across will be about the reference rules. Students are supposed to keep a certain pattern while using reference materials for the term paper. Some universities or college term papers mandate that the students should use only print sources for references. You need to clarify this with your teacher before starting to collect the materials. If the university allows you to use non print reference materials such as academic websites, online encyclopaedias etc, you can use them for your research as well. However, you need to make sure that you use both print materials and non-print materials in a balanced manner.

How To Write A Paper In Apa Format


Note down the page number/volume number of print reference materials

The major downside while using print materials for the references is that you can’t have them with you for references always. Certain reference materials such as encyclopaedias need to be referenced from the library itself and you can’t always get them if other students are using the same for references. Hence you need to foresee such situations and be prepared. Once you have found out the reference materials that should be used for your dissertation, note down the book, page number, volume etc so that it will be easier for you to find them later on.

According to handbooks on how to write a paper in APA format, the bibliography should be prepared with same level of seriousness as the other parts such as the introduction, body, etc. The bibliography of a term paper lets the reader easily find out the reference materials that the writer has used. A well-structured bibliography will certainly add authenticity to your term paper.

In the above directions on how to write a paper in APA format, you have seen the key requirements for writing a term paper in the said format. However, be advised to enrich your knowledge on how to write a paper in APA format by reading a few more articles on the same.