8th January 2015

How To Write A Research Proposal

While doing a PhD or master’s degree, students are required to write a research paper as part of their curriculum. And in order to get the approval for writing your research paper on any specific topic, you must first submit a research proposal. Writing a research proposal is simple as compared to writing the research paper itself. However, by taking it seriously, you can simplify the workload of writing the final research paper. In this article, you will see a few tips on how to write a research proposal effectively.

How to write a research proposal?

Before we go deeper into the core topic which is ‘how to write a research proposal, and types of Research proposal like phd research proposal, college research proposal etc..’ let’s see what the purpose of a writing a research proposal is. Before letting their students go ahead with their researches, the universities/educational institutions would want to see how capable the students are to write a quality research paper. Universities do this faultlessly as they wish to add a copy of your research paper to their academic publications. Certainly, when you write the research proposal, you are supposed to provide details regarding the methodology of your research, the research topic, the format, the intended reference materials and many more. By taking a glance at your research proposal, the reader should feel that you are capable of writing a qualitative research on the given topic.

How To Write A Research Proposal


Questions need to be answered in the research proposal?

Your research proposal should give the reader convincing answers to the following questions.

What is the research theme?

You need to specify your research theme at the very beginning of your research proposal. In fact most of the books on how to write a research proposal emphasize on this aspect. You need not go deeper into the theme as you can do that effectively in the final research paper but you should not forget to include the core ideas or arguments that you wish to raise in your research paper.

What is the contemporary relevance of your research theme?

In your research proposal, you are expected to shed light on the relevance of your research theme. By proving that your research has contemporary relevance, you not only impress your reader but also broaden the scope to get a good score.

How are you planning to conduct your research?

By reading a research proposal, what the reader wants to know in the first place is how you are conducting your research and methodology of a research proposal. Hence, it is important to write briefly about your research methodology in the research proposal and for that reading a few journals on how to write a research proposal is advisable.

In brief, the research proposal should shed light on six important points.

They are:

1) the research theme, 2) the purpose of the research, 3) relevance and background, 4) research methodology, 5) research plan (timeline) and the 6) expected result.

By including the above six points precisely, you can write an impressive research proposal. Now, get started with writing your research proposal. If you come across any doubts, get them cleared by reading a few handbooks on how to write a research proposal or consulting your faculty.