8th January 2015

How To Write A Thesis Proposal

A good thesis proposal serves as a good start for writing the final thesis paper. Therefore, when you plan to write a thesis proposal, you need to have a clear idea as to how it is going to serve you in writing the final research paper. Furthermore, in recent years, most universities have started to instruct their faculties to take the thesis proposals of their students with due seriousness and consider them as one of main parameters to evaluate the thesis paper. Well, if you are a student faced with lack of ideas to prepare your thesis proposal, this article on how to write a thesis proposal would find you at the right time.

Know why you have to write a research proposal

It is quite unfortunate that many of the students writing the research proposal are quite unsure about why they are made to write the thesis proposal. They write it because the university requires them to. This should not be reason that drives you to write a thesis proposal. Knowing the underlying purpose of writing the thesis proposal, you might be able to put the required amount of hard work on it and write it more effectively and meaningfully. The following are the reasons why you are required to write a thesis proposal. You will also find some useful tips on how to write a thesis proposal.

How To Write A PhD Thesis


To initiate the reader to the fundamental points

Your thesis proposal should serve as synopsis of your entire thesis paper. It should demonstrate to the reader what the fundamental ideas illustrated in the thesis paper are. Secondly, it should give details about the methods you have employed to gather data and to what extent it helped you to evolve your points.

How effectively you are able to describe the above two points in your thesis proposal will greatly determine its quality. Furthermore, a well written thesis proposal is the key to accomplishing your thesis paper better.

Take thesis proposal writing as an art

Many of the popular books on how to write a thesis proposal see it an art. Students have to train themselves in the art of thesis proposal writing. Certainly, knowing how to write a thesis proposal will help you in all your future academic projects. So, when you get a chance to train yourself in this art, make the best use of the opportunity.

Thesis proposal structure

There are a few styles you can follow to organize your thesis proposal. The most commonly followed style has the following structure.

• Title page
• Thesis Abstract
• Table of contents
• Thesis statement
• Research methodology
• Key arguments/points
• Timeline
• Thesis implication
• Bibliography/ list of the reference materials you used

You can follow the same style for both the thesis paper as well as thesis proposal. The best part of it is that it will make things less confusing. Following one style for the thesis proposal and another style for the final thesis will certainly confuse you and can lead you to writing both worse.

Following the above directions on how to write a thesis proposal, you would be able to prepare your thesis proposal better.