19th December 2014

How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation

There is no doubt that dissertation writing is arduous. It involves several days of hard work. You are expected to do a lot of researches that may even take months. All the hard work you put on your dissertation can go in vain unless you write the abstract well. In fact, most of the moderators will try to get a picture of your dissertation from the abstract you write. If the abstract is written poorly, they may not care checking how well you have written the rest of the dissertation.

The point is, with a poor dissertation abstract, you can waste your entire hard work. Here are some valuable points on how to write an abstract for a dissertation. Read it carefully and follow it up when you write the abstract. If you have any further doubts, be sure to clarify them with your teacher/moderator or any dissertation writing service.

Let it be the last task

Never try writing an abstract for a dissertation at first. Many students are tempted to write the abstract at first, assuming that it will give them the direction to proceed. The disadvantage with writing the abstract at first is that you are forced to write as per the abstract. In case you make any critical changes in the body of the desperation, you will then have to rewrite the abstract which can consume your time unnecessarily. Moreover, before writing body of the dissertation, you will certainly not have any idea about how it is written/will be written. Hence, you are forced to make an assumption about the dissertation body and write the abstract based on this assumption which clearly runs the risk of being inaccurate.

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Make it as precise as possible

The abstract of the dissertation is supposed to be a compressed copy. It is not supposed to miss any core elements discussed in the body but at the same time should not be a too lengthy. According to desperation writing experts, an ideal abstract contains just two paragraphs. The shorter you are able to make the abstract without missing any core elements discussed in the body, the better it can be.

Use concrete language for the abstract

You are expected to write the abstract in concrete language. Make it as formal as possible. It advisable to refer a few abstract models because doing so will get you a clear idea about how it has to be written.

Specify the relevance of your thesis in the abstract

The reader should be able to grasp why your dissertation is relevant in the present context by reading the abstract. So, do not forget to mention a few points that describe in what way your dissertation matters.

Highlight the important arguments you are dealing with

It is ideal to highlight a few important arguments that you are dealing with in the dissertation abstract. This will intrigue the reader to look up those arguments in the dissertation.

The above points should help you in how to write an abstract for a dissertation.