8th January 2015

How To Write Methodology In Research Proposal

How well your research paper is written depends on how well you write the research methodology. In writing a research paper scientifically, the methodology plays an important role. Experts who evaluate your research paper will first look at the methodology section in the research paper. Looking the research methodology, they can easily figure out how well the research paper has been written. Below are some instructions on how to write methodology in research proposal.

Know the importance of research methodology

If you know the importance of research methodology, you would be able to write it more seriously and effectively. First of all, understand that the research methodology is something that your teacher is definitely going to look at. You don’t expect your teacher/moderator to read every word you have written in the research paper. They will read what they find important in it and definitely the research methodology is going to be something that strikes their attention.

How To Write Methodology In Research Proposal


Describe the methods you used to gather data to support your arguments

In your research methodology, you ought to include details on how you gathered the data to support your core arguments. For instance, if you wrote your research paper on social issues like poverty, you must include details regarding the researches you conducted to gather the data as well as the questionnaire you used. This will give the reader the impression that you have held your researches seriously and the data included in the research paper to support your points are authentic.

What structure should be used to write the research methodology?

Another point that needs special attention while looking at how to write methodology in research proposal is the structure to be followed for the methodology. Here are some points that you must include in the methodology by all means.

• Research tools. Describe about the various tools you have used for collecting the data.

• Sampling techniques. Speak about how you collected the samples. If you employed any randomization methods, describe them. Also give a small description about how effective they were in helping you to gather the data.

• Statistical methods. If you have used any statistics in the research paper, include details regarding the same. Using statistical data in research paper is very important as they help to add more scientific background to your research paper.

Listing down the above details is certain to make the methodology in your research proposal look legitimate.

Citation style

Once you have given enough information about the data collection techniques, the next point that deserves consideration in the methodology is the citation style used. According to popular handbooks on how to write methodology in research proposal, APA format is the most commonly used citation style. APA style is clearer than other styles and therefore is highly recommended to use while writing the research paper.

The above tips should have shed light on how to write methodology in research proposal. Be advised to add your knowledge on the topic by reading a few more reviews or handbooks on how to write methodology in research proposal.