2nd January 2015

Major Thesis Writing Format

A thesis is a student’s findings on a particular subject/topic. Although he can borrow existing ideas or theories to support his findings, the thesis paper should have the student’s personal touch. Furthermore, it has to be written in a generally acceptable format. Normally, the university instructs the students to write their thesis in a certain format. If that is the case, the students are required to consult the concerned person at the university and get a clear picture about the format that he has to use for his thesis. Otherwise, following a generally acceptable format is advisable. An example of a major thesis writing format is described below.

As per major thesis writing format followed by most universities, a thesis should have an introduction, methodology, literature review, body, conclusion and bibliography. Furthermore, students are expected to maintain a certain level of linguistic standard in their thesis. This will not only make the thesis look convincing but also help you score higher marks.

Introduction is placed at the begging of a thesis paper. However, it is advisable to write the introduction at the end because you have to give a precise summery of your entire thesis in the introduction. You can do that better once you complete writing the thesis. Through the introduction, the students are expected to introduce the reader to the core topics of the thesis. It should let the reader know what he can expect from thesis without scanning the entire thesis paper.

Thesis Writing Format


Research Methodology

Research Methodology is placed in the second place of a thesis. It explains the methods that the student followed to formulate his points/arguments. If the student has conducted any interviews, experiments or surveys to support his arguments, he has to include details regarding the same in the research methodology. According to some surveys, writing the research methodology is the most difficult part in thesis writing. But if you followed a specific order, you would find writing this part less troubling. Furthermore, a research methodology is the best way to explain to your reader why you have added certain methods, interview and surveys in your research and how they helped in you in formulating your points.

Literature review

The section that contains discussions regarding the minority positions and popular views on the core questions you have raised in the thesis is called the literature review. In major thesis writing format, the literature review is observed with great importance. Literature review is the place where you can explain the background of your thesis arguments.

Thesis body

In the thesis body, you are expected to provide the background of your arguments, your findings, the relevance of your thesis topic etc. You must organize the thesis body based on the priority of your arguments. Every point that you have hinted in the introduction should have its explanation in the thesis body.

And finally there is the conclusion. You must conclude your thesis paper as precisely as possible. It is advisable to include a brief revision of your findings and their contemporary relevance in the conclusion.