Terms and Condition

The main objective of the academic writing services offered by EssayExpert is to make the customers satisfied with their papers. The “Terms and Conditions (T&C)” specifies all the clauses and the protocols which both the parties need to follow in order to make the transaction smooth and avoid disagreements or any kind of conflict in future. The following T&C are considered to be read, understood, and be agreeable by you when you approach our services and thus, please ensure to read all the T&C carefully to have a greater and fulfilling professional association. In case, you have any confusion in regards to any of the terms or conditions of the services mentioned, you can always approach our customer service personnel who is available at your service 24/7.

We assure you that all the papers provided by us are of high quality which is free of grammatical and spelling errors, are in the required format, and are free of any plagiarism. Although, EssayExpert try their best to give a paper which can fetch you the best grades, but we don’t guarantee any specific grades to our customers for the papers done by us and submitted in their respective educational institute. The responsibility of EssayExpert lies only in fulfilling their objective of writing and delivering a paper which is up to the requirements stated by the customer.
The full payment for the assignment needs to be made while placing your order with us. You need to be careful about the illegal use to which the payment processes such as credit cards are put to and be aware that this is strictly prohibited. In case, such a fraud is pulled out, we are liable to charge you for this fraud.

EssayExpert believes in complete satisfaction of the customers. Thus, in case you feel that the paper delivered to you is not up to your requirements, EssayExpert takes the full responsibility to revise your paper multiple times till you are completely satisfied. Considering this, the revisions will be provided only when the requirements mentioned in the original order and the revision order are same. In case, the original order instructions and revision order instructions are found to be different, we will not be liable to make any revisions or pay back you any amount in consideration.

In case you claim that the paper is plagiarized and demand for a payback, then it will be considered only when you send us a complete and genuine plagiarism report. EssayExpert is not liable to pay back in any other case.
EssayExpert provides you the papers which are original and assure you that it will never be reused in future by EssayExpert. The discounts can be availed by you on order basis for every order made by you. Please see the Discounts page for the details. The T&C can be revised by us in future depending on different exigencies and factors and the revised T&C will be posted on our website for your reference. So, you must look at the T&C at frequent intervals in order to be updated.