7th January 2015

Writing A Thesis Statement

If you are willing to do research on a particular subject, you must know that you have to finish the process of writing a thesis statement even before the initiation of your research work. A thesis statement is a kind of claim, which you intend to prove or disprove in future. Most of the writers don’t understand the importance of making a statement prior to their research work.

Why should you write a thesis statement?

There are several reasons for providing a statement about your future research work. It is important to write a few sentences about the inspiration and your knowledge in the related field. By this you will get a good grounding for the objective you wish to achieve. Writing a thesis statement provides a chance to your research supervisor to understand your capabilities, knowledge and dedication about the research work. On the other hand your statement will give your readers a direction and clear understanding of your work.

It doesn’t matter whether you have decided the topic on your own or your supervisor has asked you to choose it. Whatever you do, it should maintain apex level of quality.

You can change the title to a question and then answer the topic along with the proofs you have gathered through your research work. The methodology will bring amazing results.

Writing A Thesis Statement


Requirements for Submission

Here are a few points, which will make you understand that your statement fulfills the requirements for submission or not.

• The statement written by you must be proving a point and concluding it on its own.

• It is supposed to be the topic about which current scholars would like to oppose or support.

• Precise, coherent and relevant content has the power to attract the reader’s attention.

• On the other hand it must fulfill the requirements of writing and conducting the research within the boundaries defined by your educational institute.

• Your statement must emphasize and highlight the key points, which you want to establish. Whenever you write the body of the statement, make sure to review it and ensure that it goes well in accordance with your objective.

• A common mistake which most of the students make is that they discuss a new topic in the research statement; this topic has nothing to do with the research work. By doing so your statement will lose its direction and the chances of your effort to go in vain are high.

• When writing a statement, you should never fail to concentrate on your objective. Pick a key element and concentrate on elaborating that while writing a thesis statement.

• Plan a line of action for your writing and follow it strictly. Concentrate on one point and don’t get confused by including a number of irrelevant things.

And at last, but not the least, edit it for grammatical errors and erratum.

If you find the task difficult, the best option for you is to contact any of the expert academic writing services; they can make you available with the best and most productive write-ups.