29th December 2014

Writing The Methodology Section Of A Dissertation

In simple terms, a dissertation methodology can be defined as the process employed by the researcher for collecting and analyzing the data which will enable him to find answers for his research questions. The researcher is expected to be accurate while explaining the steps involved in his research. He has to give proper and convincing reasons for questions like why he preferred certain methods to others.

Benefits of a writing the methodology section of a dissertation

A good methodology will enable other researchers who wish to use your dissertation findings as their base to realize why you used a certain methodology and what its advantages over the others were. Here are some useful tips on writing the methodology section of a dissertation.

Write the dissertation methodology in past tense

According to experts, dissertation methodology needs to be written in past tense expecialy in literature based dissertation methodology. In dissertation methodology, you explain to the reader what methodology you used in the dissertation and why this particular methodology was preferred. Conversely, dissertation proposal is supposed to be written in future tense because in it, you are telling the reader about your dissertation and in what way it is relevant to him.

Writing The Methodology Section Of A Dissertation


Explain the various procedures used for data gathering

The primary purpose of writing the methodology section of a dissertation service is to explain the methods used for data collection. The significance has to be given to explaining how you gathered the original data. Experts call the original data the archival information because this is what forms the foundation for a dissertation. For instance, when you write a dissertation on sociological topics, you are expected to conduct research among people from different social backgrounds. However, you can’t do it straight away. To conduct a social research on a particular community, you are supposed to get special permission from the concerned government authority. Add mentions on how and when you got the permission in the dissertation methodology. Also, if you have done any experiments, surveys or similar things, explain that as well. This will make your dissertation look more authentic.

Explain how you analysed the data

It is recommended to summarize the various strategies you have used in the dissertation in order to analyse the empirical data. When you do so, make sure that they are explained in simple languages and formats that the reader do not have to depend on a different source for any explanation like phd dissertation service.

Be sure to include the limitations as well

If you have come across any limitations or crisis during your research, give a brief mention about them in your dissertation methodology. For instance, poor attention from the survey groups, low return rate for the survey etc. Inclusion of the limitation can no way affect the reputation of your research. In fact, it adds value to your work. There is probably no researcher out there who has hardly come across any troubles during their research.

The above guidelines should help you in writing the methodology section of a dissertation. If you still have any concerns regarding the above, do some online searches or contact any dissertation writing services.